Sewer Systems

Steinhauer Enterprises can help you with your septic needs
Leave the heavy lifting to us. We know what it takes to repair your septic system and/or bring it up to code. We also perform complete septic system replacements.

You can read more about septic systems and their requirements below. If you’re ready for us to help you, please visit our contact page and we’ll get started right away.

Do you need a new Septic Tank?
We can help you evaluate whether you need a completely new septic tank system or if your current septic just needs to be repaired and/or brought up to code. We can help you with septic tank repairs or septic tank replacement. Since we’ll already be working on it, this is a good time to evaluate your septic system and determine whether it can be repaired and brought up to code or if you would be best served with a full replacement.

What is a septic tank?
A septic tank is a big concrete or steel tank buried underground somewhere in the yard. Wastewater flows into the tank at one end and leaves the tank at the other.

Why septic systems are commonplace for rural customers
In rural areas, it’s not economical to use a large sewer system for multiple homes or farms. A sewer system for houses that are spaced so far apart is too expensive to install. Instead, rural residents install their own private sewage systems or septic tanks.

Permits, Ordinances, and other requirements
Steinhauer Enterprises is licensed, insured, and familiar with all state and local ordinances including permits and other requirements for private onsite waste treatment systems/septic systems (POWTS). Plans for a private sewage system begin with a soil test. Wisconsin requires that a licensed soil tester determine the type and location of the POWTS. You can learn more about this process at the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services website.